Bamboo Takeaway Biodegradable Products

Note: When ordering bags add the number of cartons you'd like, not the number of bags.
(For 500 bags, in carton's of 250, order 2 cartons; not 500 units.)

Light Brown - Bamboo Takeaway Bio Products
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BA-SH08: Unbleached Square Container 8? - No handles.
203mm x 203mm x 76mm x 200
BP-SH09: Unbleached Square Container 9? - No handles.
229mm x 229mm x 76mm x 200
BT-HB06: Unbleached Square Burger Box 6 - No handles.
152mm x 152mm x 76mm x 400
BA-SH89: Unbleached Rectangle Pulp Box - No handles.
229mm x 152mm x 75mm x 200

Biodegradable Products

Bio Degradable Products Picture

Bio Degradable Bowls

Bio Plates - Made from Palm Leaves

- 100% Biodegradable, made from nothing else but a palm sheath; 100% leak proof, resists oil and water
- Suitable for the freezer and the microwave; Tolerate oven temperatures of up to 220C
- Lightweight yet strong enough to be used with cutlery; Hygienic, non odorous, there for food flavors are not affected.
- Ideal for barbecue’s, picnics, catering, restaurants, take a ways, festivals or parties; Able to be disposed of by composting or placed into curb side waste collection.

Bio Degradable Cutlery

100% Biodegradable and compostable catering ware, cutlery

- Cornstarch Cutlery — an ecologically and environmentally friendly disposable cutlery made from a starch based polymer

- Wooden Cutlery

Also available;

100% Biodegradable — Bio Products

Recyclable — Paper Cups, Paper Bags, Paper Serviettes, Foam Cups

Degradable— Plastic Bags