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(For 500 bags, in carton's of 250, order 2 cartons; not 500 units.)

White - Clams Paper Box
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P095S0001: Burger - No handles.
106(l) x 106(w) x 69(h) x 500
P241S0001: Large Burger - No handles.
110(l) x 116(w) x 86(h) x 400
P330S0001: Pizza - No handles.
165(l) x 165(w) x 40(h) x 175
P266S0001: Medium Meal - No handles.
175(l) x 90(w) x 75(h) x 250
P005S0001: Large Meal - No handles.
205(l) x 103(w) x 76(h) x 250

BSB Packaging supplies a large range of paper packaging products Australia wide.

Our range of Boxes and Trays ensure the highest level of presentation of your food products, available in many convenient sizes.

Deli Wrap is a lightly waxed paper tissue ideal for sandwiches, baguettes and foccaccias. Available in plain and printed.

Food Pails are a great way to build your brand image. Available in a range of sizes, with or without handles - there's even a window option. Food Pails are suitable for a wide variety of food types and can be custom printed to promote your brand.

Ideal for any occasion most paper plates are fully recyclable, available in coated and uncoated. The cheaper and convenient option to washing.