The Paper Products Range

BSB offer a large and diverse range of paper products for the preparation, presentation and transportation of food and beverages. Below you will find an overview of some of the more popular paper products offered by BSB Packaging.

Paper Cups

These are possibly the most commonly used paper products in cafes and take away stores and they are very handy to have on hand. Many customers don't have the time to consume their coffee or hot drinks on the premises and paper cups allow them to enjoy their drink on the go. Available in a large range of sizes, styles and designs.

Paper Serviettes

Don't leave your customers or guests high and dry after eating. Paper serviettes allow for easy cleanup after they have finished their meal. They are also great to have on hand in case of any spills or for any quick cleanup needs. We can help arrange custom designs and printing and serviettes are available in a number of sizes.

Paper Bags

Paper bags are a great paper product that all cafes, bakeries, caterers and anyone who works with food should have on hand. They are particularly great for packing soft items such as cakes, bread, pastries and any number of perishable items. As well as being very useful they have a low impact on the environment and are a much better long term solution.

If you're looking to secure some paper products for your next event or business, be sure to fill our quotation request form. If you would like any help with the right paper products for your needs, please contact us for a quick helpful response