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4 Tips for Great Food Packaging

4 Tips for Great Food Packaging.

Every hungry customer wants delicious food for takeaway. As a restaurant or café owner, you might have the food ready to fulfil that dream. However, it is very important that the customer receives the food packed in convenient and attractive corrugated take away food containers as poor packaging can ruin their experience.

Food packaging not only serves the important purpose of protecting food from outside contamination, it also ensures that the meal remains at the right temperature. Additionally, it can also be a great tool for brand promotion that your customers can see and touch. So do not miss out on the opportunity to deliver a complete customer experience and awe your customers.

Here are 4 tips for great food packaging for your business:

  1. One size doesn’t fit all.

    Rather than having a single sized container for packing all your food items, it is a good idea to have boxes of different sizes so that your customers have different options. Having different sized corrugated take away food containers also makes it easier for them to choose as they can see the expected quantity. With the right pricing and smart salesmanship, it’s a great way to upsell to your customers.

  2. Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish

    Good packaging for food items has the ability to create a connection with your audience instantly. Similarly, receiving your food in flimsy, greasy and soggy corrugated take away food containers is an instant turn off. Your food might be delicious but no one wants to buy from a stingy business. So invest the money and effort in selecting corrugated take away food containers that represent the same quality and detail you put into preparing your awesome food.

  3. Make the most of the free publicity

    Paper bags offer a number of customization options using different shades and techniques of custom printing with customer logos etc. on to the paper.

  4. Go Green

    Takeaway food containers are disposable. With consumers increasingly being aware of the impact that disposable packaging has on our environment, opting for corrugated take away food containers made entirely from reusable materials proclaims that you are mindful of this as well – lest your environmentally un-friendly ways alienate customers.

    BSB Packaging is market leader in providing eco-friendly food packaging and specializes in corrugated take away food containers. We have a broad range for you to choose from so browse our complete catalogue for available options.

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