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Environment protection

We are firm believers in the green movement and we believe that environmentally friendly packaging plays a very important role in it.

By providing recyclable and biodegradable products, we play our role in preserving the environment and preventing it from undergoing further harm.

We are continually introducing fully compostable/biodegradable alternatives to oil-based plastic, being produced using newest innovative technologies.

The production of these alternative products not only utilizes annually renewable plant fibres such as sugarcane and corn, but also reduces the general agricultural waste.

The manufacturing process of these products uses less energy, emits less pollution than petroleum based products and generates fewer greenhouse gases.

The key benefit of using biodegradable products is that they are made to be fully compostable as opposed to being recycled.

The products are made to decompose in a commercial composting facility within 60-90 days and are also suitable for home composting.