Paper Cups - Cold Cups

Plain and Printed

BSB Packaging stock a wide range of cold paper cups from 3.5oz to 24oz, they are great for cold beverages or frozen drinks.

We also have a range of standard print cold paper cups from 12oz-24oz. Lids to suit 12oz - 24oz also available.

BSB Packaging also stocks paper water cups generally used in water dispensers or where convenient to keep you hydrated.

Our paper water cups are suitable for compost and are environmentally friendly.

Customer printing is available from minimum 25,000 units.

If you are wanting to stand out from the rest, a personalised cold paper cup is for you, this cost effective way of reaching out to the market is sure to get your name out there.

Dixie cups also fit into our product range with sizes from 4oz - 16oz. If you require larger sizes see our Paper/Plastic Tubs page.