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Today there is a vast range of paper cups available to the consumer.

Paper cups fall into several categories, cold paper cups, hot paper cups and the ones used as food containers.

Cold paper cups and "food" cups are generally a single wall structure. The cold paper cups have a fine polyethylene lining bonded on the inside; most of the food paper cups are unlined. Hot paper cups can be a single wall heavy board or an insulating double or triple wall construction. They all have a thin polyethylene lining to ensure a watertight seal.

The majority of paper cups are sealed with a polyethylene lining bonded to the paper although there are still some waxed paper cups made for soufflés and water dispenser cups.

There are paper cups for a wide variety of products; cold drinks, hot drinks, hot chips, pop corn, snacks and a variety of industrial uses, mixing of chemicals, solvents, foams and products unsuited to plastic cups.

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